All should take a limo at least once in a lifetime. There’s plenty to tell about the classy elegance of the stretch limousine. And still, there are a lot of people who never had this experience. Unfortunately, there are a variety of misconceptions about limousine rental facilities that are mostly propagated, and some of these people assume that limousines are not for them. We assume there is a good excuse for everybody to ride a limo, so let’s dissolve some common myths.

MYTH #1: Limousines are only for VIPs

The limousine is an emblematic symbol for the wealthy and the famous; it’s what you see the president ride in, it’s what the film stars ride, they get to the red carpet, and it’s what the high-profile CEOs recruit. Many people believe in the mistaken assumption that limos still have someone extraordinary in them because that’s what they have always seen in movies and the papers.

The reality is, while limousines are a favorite option for wealthy VIPs, anyone can enjoy limousines, including your children, and you don’t have to be extremely rich to do that! Even the ordinary joe only wants a classy and glamorous night out, and a limousine company will give you a record-breaking discount as well.

MYTH #2: Renting a limousine costs an arm and a leg

Limousines are viewed as extremely luxurious— stretch vehicles driven by experienced drivers that have world-class interiors with a range of facilities. It’s quick, of course, to leap to the conclusion that they’re costly. But when you strip it down, limo services are a lot more affordable than you would expect!

Many limo service providers offer two separate pricing models: hourly and trip-based. Both options are reasonably priced so that you get the most of your money depending on the destination and the time you ordered.

In addition, traveling in a limo is always a group activity. If you share the cost between the participants, you can always enjoy a limo ride at the price of a local taxi!

MYTH #3: Cheap limo service providers offer old-model limousines

Some people are always trying to justify that they’re not prestigious enough to ride limo quality. We’ve heard this line of thought over and over: limousines should be for VIPs only because if they’re not, they must have been too expensive to hire. Even if they’re not, they only have to be on particular events. Even if they don’t, they just have to use old rusty limos.

But that’s not the case! When hiring a limo ride with a reputable company, you are always guaranteed to get the best quality service in a late-model, high-end vehicle – no matter how less or high the fare you have negotiated with the company.

MYTH #4: Limousines are available for special events only

This is another misconception that is mostly perpetuated by the assumption of affirmation. Many people don’t see limos regularly, because for some people, their only reference to limousines is when they’re in the middle of a special event. A wedding, a school dance, a soccer game, you name it, it’s not unusual to see limousines pick up and drop off people in that local-taxi type sense.

The truth is that limousines are always available to the public, no matter the reason! Would you want to call a limo just to see what it’s like to cruise around in one? Done. Would you want to order a limo to drive you home from work just for the fun of it? Done. Would you want to order a limo to drive you to the closest food chain? Done. We’re not suggesting that it’s normal for people to call limos for needless reasons, but we want to point out that the occasion doesn’t have to be rare or important!