Most people hire a limousine for luxury to and from transportation for special events. This mostly includes weddings, prom, engagements, parties, and high-level corporate meetings. However, besides these conventional occasions, there are some unconventional occasions where a limousine ride would perfectly blend with the event-type. So here we’ve put together a list of unusual ways people can use limousine service in New York City without appearing odd.

1). Concerts & Late Night Parties

Concerts and nightclubs are, alas, a problem of DUI’s (driving under the influence of alcohol) going to cause. Luckily, our experienced limousine drivers have a lot of experience handling big crowds and taking you and your friends home comfortably at the end of a night of partying, singing, and dancing at your favorite bang concert or night club. Don’t let the drunk driving spoil a great night! Plus, you’re not going to get into an accident induced by over-drinking. Reach home safe and sound, without any displeasing moment.

2). Winery Tours

Have you ever avoided taking part in a brewery tour or winery party because you don’t want to take the risk of driving home intoxicated? Not many people think about hiring a limousine rental transportation service to accompany them to and from these night entertainment events until it’s too late and they end up requesting a taxi or a ride-away service to drive them home. Next time you head out for a fun wine tasting afternoon or go on a beer tour with your mates, skip the driving trouble and hire a renowned NYC limo rental company for your transportation needs.

3). Limo for Golf Outings

One of the specialties of the limo business is the ability to transport pro and beginner golfers to the range or country club in luxurious limousines. When you’re planning on spending the day driving a golf cart or use all your stamina to walk around the golf course, hiring a chauffeur-driven limousine is the best way to get transported in a safe, secure, comfortable, and royal way.

4). Halloween Party Limo

While many people hire licensed limo services to accompany them to and from business meetings and high-profile events, they forget the idea of hiring a limousine on a festive event like Halloween. Just imagine the amount of fun you and your friends would have by arriving at a party or bar in a limousine on Halloween night while being dressed in funky movie villain costumes or zombie makeup.

From wine tours and Christmas parties to music festivals and sporting events, NYC United Limo provides expert limo transportation to and from every sort of event you might imagine. Forget the driving hassle and book your NYC limo ride online today!