Not everyone has the pocket to spend dozens of dollars on a simple taxi ride in NYC. Traveling to and from your desired locations can be costly in NYC – especially if you are here in the peak season or don’t know the tactics to get a comfortable taxi without breaking your limited budget. 

Understanding your concerns, we at NYCUNITEDLIMO bring you a detailed guide on saving on taxi fares in NYC. Hatched by our expert taxi administration panel, these recommendations would surely save you enough money to enjoy 2x taxi rides at the price of a 1x taxi ride!

1). Hire Private Cab on Flat Rates

If you want to cover a longer distance i.e city to city transfer or anything above 100 kilometers, it’s better to ask a private cab company for a fixed flat rate for your journey. Make sure you tell them that you are ready to pay an upfront fare for the ride. The principle of flat fares is enjoyed by most taxi companies so they will bill you in advance and do not have to think about collecting the fare later.

However, if the ride is short, cab companies may not sell their services on a reduced flat fare. So, first calculate how many kilometers your trip will be and how much it would cost – better use a taxi fare calculator to get an estimate and then contact the taxi firm. NYC United Limo offers a 10-15 percent discount in the majority of situations.

2). Pay Them Hot Cash

Most taxi drivers hate being paid with a credit card. This is because most card companies charge from 2%-4% percent per swipe, as a result of which the driver loses money. Therefore, let your taxi company know that you will pay them hot cash. Doing this, the taxi company may provide you an additional 2% to 3% discount on your ride.

3). Avoid Travelling in Surcharge Hours

Surcharge rates usually start from late-night hours till early morning. A taxi ride of $10 in normal hours, could cost $12 in hours surcharge. Therefore, schedule your travel in normal hours to cut down on transportation fares.

If you can, attempt to plan your journey at non-peak traffic hours. In NYC, you can expect a rush between 7 a.m to 9 a.m in the mornings and 4 p.m to 6 p.m. in the evenings. When you’re trapped in traffic, the meter keeps going. If necessary, stop traveling during those rush hours.

4). Ask For Rates on Bulk Rides

If you are in New York City as a tourist for a short or long stay and need someone reliable continuously available for sightseeing tours or to and from transportations – its ideal to tell your cab company that you plan to ride with them this many times and would like to get a flat weekly or monthly quote. A majority of private cab companies will surely offer you a flat rate on your taxi ride, which can save you a good amount of money!

5). Don’t Shy From Giving Directions

Know the directions? Don’t shy from giving directions. If you know the fastest and quickest path to get to your destination, tell your driver directly that you can guide him. Honestly, if you know better than Google Maps about the roads to your drop-off location, you could help a 10-mile ride turn into a 7-mile trip!