Booking an NYC limousine rental ride costs you pretty expensive, after all, you would be enjoying the luxury benefits and Royal-like treatment. Since you are spending so much on a limousine ride, you should be getting the best value on your money. 

Not every limousine rental company owns the expertise to make the best of your limo ride – some offer minimal in-car services, some charge excessive rates, and some may not have the high-end late model limousine to offer you an exceptional experience. 

Being said that, you must do some research and carry on some personal tests before booking a limousine ride. Therefore, it’s important to ask the company these below-mentioned questions before booking a limo ride in New York City:

1). Ask What Type Of Limousines Are Available?

Some companies are still offering the old 90’s limousines for passengers. They may showcase a late-model high-end limousine on their website, but the reality could pull your excitement off. Secondly, a limousine comes in a variety of models – stretched limo, party limo, limo bus, and limo with champagne. Therefore, first, verify the limo fleet and then go with the option that suits you the best.

2). Ask If They Own The Fleet?

Limo rental firms could have different rental choices. However, that does not mean they own all of these vehicles. So, it’s important to check if you’re negotiating with an organization that really owns and manages the vehicles you might hire, or if they’re operating as a broker. 

Who owns and manages a vehicle is important for larger vehicles that are governed by the U.S. Department of Transport. Drivers must be fully qualified and hold a Commercial Driver License (CDL). USDOT controlled cars with 15 or more passengers to hold at least $5 million in liability insurance. Unfortunately, several limousines hire firms that work unlawfully and do not comply with the legislation.

3). Get Answers To The Social Distancing Concerns

Most rental companies tell the maximum number of passengers each car – which means that everybody is jammed packed inside without a reasonable social distance and leg space. So ask them how many riders would comfortably fit into their random limousine, stretch limo, or limo bus. This gives a better understanding of the capacity of your limousine service. You may also want to consider aspects of social distance depending on the group.

4). Ask Them About The Services Included

This is one of the most important things a customer should ask when finalizing a travel deal with the limousine rental company. If you’re not in the habit of reading the travel agreement, this question will avoid unexpected surprises. There could be additional charges for petrol surcharge, meals, waiting time, rests, snacks, and so on. That is why it is important to read the company’s terms and conditions or ask them beforehand about such hidden service charges. 

Some limo firms may offer food and beverages as complimentary. But that’s not always the case. Find out before you book a limousine reservation for social occasions or long journeys. NYCUnitedLimo vehicles are always supplied with healthy snacks and bottled water.

5). Make Customizations Before Hand

You have a few choices if you like special things in your car. You can pack your vehicle with snacks or beverages as soon as the limo arrives. Or, sometimes buyers chose to carry their purchases to the company’s office ahead of time and have the drivers stock the vehicle. 

The same applies if you want to get the limo furnished with champagne or get the limo decorated with flowers for a wedding. You may also order these things in advance from the limo provider, which would apply additional service costs to your bill.

6). Should I Tip The Limo Driver?

You should provide a tip to someone employed in the service sector. This involves limo drivers as well as restaurant waiters and barbers. Tips are often optional, but service employees generally get much of their earnings from tips and work incredibly hard to offer quality service. The regular tip is 20% of the total rental fee. The passenger may hand over the tip to the driver or ask the company to get the tip added to their expenses.

7). Does The Company Grants A Verified Contract?

The most significant thing when it comes to all commercial deals is customer contact. At NYC United Limo, we have a comprehensive confirmation of your reservation via email when you book your limo ride. We also supply you with an electronic credit card authorization form to fill in so that you exactly know how much you will be paying.

With these simple questions, you’ll be able to ensure that you chose the best NYC City limo rental company for a truly exceptional experience!