Every traveler does not have the money to book costly private taxis for New York City transit, nor does everyone want to cut back on those essential luxuries for luxury travel. This comprehensive NYC car rental booking guide is the driving spirit for any traveler (who falls into any of the budget-oriented categories) to explore NYC conveniently and economically.

1). Hire A Reputable Car Rental Transportation Company

We must employ a reliable car rental service. The factors are numerous, with the most significant being is getting honored with the peace of mind of secure travel with a reputable organization with professional service.

But here’s the catch!

Foreigners are subject to overcharging when in a foreign land. There’s a gulf between the money paid by foreigners against services or products, versus those applied to local residents of the area. Even local taxi providers don’t spare you.

Because of this, it is vital that you book your to and from transportation with a reputed, well-known, and accredited agency for its taxi service does not differentiate between local and international passengers.

2). Bargain The Price

Most companies are subject to price bargaining and these negotiated deals mostly apply to foreigners. That is because the companies want “word of mouth marketing” in outside regions, and for this, they must provide the best quality service to their foreign clients for the client to do word of mouth marketing other regions as well.

And if at first, the business doesn’t go down on prices, keep negotiating the offer. Tell them that you are a tourist and that your friends will also visit this country. When you give me a decent deal, then I’ll even recommend you to my buddies… anything like this will fit!

Furthermore, if you have a strong social media presence then you should inform them about it as well – telling them that you will leave a good review of their business on your Instagram or Facebook profile that has thousands of active fans. In doing so, the business will surely give you an unbelievable discount as they’ll get word of mouth marketing as a reward in exchange!

3). Go For The Standard Package

A standard package contains normal sedan cars… and that’s OK! By normal sedan cars, it does not mean that the vehicles are in bad condition or have no air conditioning system. They are reliable, comfortable, and perfect for traveling. Although you wouldn’t get the extra luxury of driving – as you might get in a limousine or SUV – you’d certainly get the best value for money and reach your destination safely.