Hiring limousine for transportation is always a unique experience. It is important to know how to get the best limousine service in the city. You just get into your ride and move to different places, as the limousine service will take your transportation responsibilities. Limousine services offer passengers with luxury, convenience, and glamour at the same time. However, there are some things you should not forget, and here are some of Limousine Etiquette Tips listed below.

1. Headcount

Headcount is a must before hiring a limo service. While booking your limo service, it’s necessary to tell the company how many people will be riding in the Limo. If you do so, the company will provide you with the most suitable and safe ride to accommodate your group. It can save you from any accommodation issues that can occur. And booking your limousine ride, if the headcount changes for any reason, you must notify the company. In this way, the proper company can make the appropriate adjustments for you.

2. How to get in and out of a limousine?

It may sound childish, but lots of times, many mishaps took place that can cause embarrassment, for instance. So, you should know about how to get in and out of the limousine properly. The door of the limousine will be open for you by the limousine chauffeur. And when you enter the Limo, you should sit down on the very first empty seat. Swing your legs in, and take a relaxed position. Always let the chauffer close the door behind you. Now you can adjust yourself to the seat you want. On exiting from Limo, the chauffeur will come for you to open the door. Instead, you open the gate yourself and jumping out of it sooner; the limousine stops. 

For men, keeping your jacket or coat unbuttoned will make it easier to come out. Grabbing the overhead handle while coming can also help you. Never forget to give a helping hand to female partners coming out of the limousine. Then, scoot back down to the further kebside seat, turn your legs out, and stand up. Same are the wedding limousine etiquette.

3. Keep the limousine clean

While exiting the Limo, leave it precisely in the same condition as you get it. Never leave anything behind. Keep all the belongings with yourself. Keep your items, food wrappers, or bottles with yourself or bin them if available. When you hire or ride in a Limo, consider it as your vehicle. It will help you create your positive image, and the limousine chauffeur will also acknowledge it. It’ll also help you avoid the charges like cleaning fee.

4. Tip your limousine chauffeur

It should go without saying that treat your Limo chauffeur with respect. Chauffeur takes you from place to place in the best and possible manner. For providing you an exciting and worry-free party limo ride on your special occasions, they deserve a tip. You should give them around 10-20% of paid service fees as a tip. If you’re impressed by their extraordinary services, you can give them even more.

5. Keep your party disciplined

It’s ok to have a party and fun with friends in a limo but under control. If there’s no alcohol service in the limousine service, do approve yours before bring it in a limo. Smoking and the use of drugs is strictly not allowed in a limousine. Avoid using vulgar language and getting loud inside the vehicle. Every act that can endanger you or others can result in a heavy penalty. The drivers should not be disturbed so they can take you from one place to another with safety and comfort. 

In the United States, the Taxi and Limo industry is growing by around 10% per year. Stats show that you can be the next availing of such services. So it’s crucial to have proper limousine etiquette tips of riding in a Limousine. Better protocols and discipline give you an excellent experience image and personal brand image. 

If you know the rules and the basic etiquettes now, isn’t it time to put them into use? Hire a luxury limo service for your unforgettable day or night. Following these basic principles and limousine etiquette tips can make you the favorite rider of your driver.