NYC Limo Taxi Services are progressing with the rapid evolution of this world in the technological era. With the innovation in the tech field, the taxi industry is also seeing an immense increase in service efficiency by advanced vehicle technologies and their applications.

This is something more than just ABS brakes or passenger safety airbags. It is about high-tech features which are currently some astounding new additions to the industry. This includes, but is not limited to – traction control, assisted steering, G-Vectoring Brake Control Activation, heated and ventilated seats, massaging seats, and more. 

All these recent additions have revolutionized the car rental transportation service in NYC, as passengers can expect beyond extraordinary to and from taxi service at economical costs. Here’s a rundown of all such latest features which have taken the NYC limo taxi service to new standards of excellence.

Passenger-Driver Interaction Buttons

Feeling low on confidence to ask the driver to slow down, play soothing music, or lower the air conditioning settings? The late-model NYC private taxis are fitted with touch buttons that are mounted at the end of the passenger to connect smartly with the taxi driver.

Each button automatically plays a different auto-recorded voice tone for the driver to understand what you are saying. For example, pressing the “Slow-Down” button will play a voice message like “Please slow down”. Other buttons include – turning on/off the music station, telling about your current mood to the driver, asking him to drive fast, and more.

Modernized Seat Mechanism Features

Comfort is every passenger’s main priority. And late model, high-end cars can provide you an unparalleled traveling experience through their modernized seat mechanism features. This includes seats with climate control, reclining, and massage features. The passenger can automatically adjust the seat’s standard according to his/her requirement, turn ON the massage feature, and play with different settings to make the most of the journey.

Built-in 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspots

Many latest model cars used in NYC VIP taxi services – such as GMC, BMW, and Mercedes – are equipped with built-in 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspots to keep passengers connected on the go. Grab your phone or tablet, and enjoy unlimited access to fast and free internet without using your expensive data. This is of extreme importance for passengers who are going on a long journey, as they can recline their seats back and watch a movie while the chauffeur safely drives them to their targeted location.

Hydrophobic Windows

Booking a taxi for an NYC sightseeing tour? What if the weather takes a bad toll? Heavy rain or snow stuck on windows will disrupt the outside viewing experience from the car window. Fortunately, with hydrophobic windows being installed in high-end limos and luxury vehicles, there are no chances of the windows getting dirty with stuff like rain, dirt, and debris.

Real-Time Traffic Monitoring System

There’s so much traffic congestion in NYC, especially if you are sightseeing or visiting its main bazaars and iconic landmarks. Heavy traffic means more time and more taxi fare. Fortunately, technologically-advanced built-in GPS systems inside NYC limos can track real-time traffic and determine the fastest way to navigate through it while being able to detect collisions, environmental conditions, and road building. This means you reach your destination quickly and economically.

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