There are particularly various categories of taxes throughout the globe — all because of the different market choices and vehicle specifications by the customers. Every passing day comes up with different types of taxi services to accommodate the increasing requirements of taxi usage by passengers. So read on below to know the different types of taxis:

Local Cab/Taxi

Local Cab/Taxi also known as a yellow taxi, is a basic grade taxi service that is hailed by passengers raising their hand without needing to pre-book it. These taxis have a TAXI monogrammed sign on the car roof, which indicates whether the taxi is engaged with passengers or not. Moreover, a license is required to obtain a local taxi/cab.

Private Taxi

Private taxis are available on a pre-booking basis via internet or telephone service, but can’t be hailed on the roads. Private taxis range in various sizes and prices from MPVs to sedans and hatchbacks. To obtain a private taxi license, drivers usually have to undergo professional driving as well as behavioral tests.

VIP Taxi

VIP taxi service provides its customers late-model, high-end, luxury car models, such as executive saloons, Lincoln Town Cars, Mercedes, BMWs, and Exotic Cars — with experienced uniformed chauffeurs who also serve as your private assistant for the duration of the ride. While the VIP taxi service is handy on pre-booking with reaching your pinned location, its rates are more expensive than most other NYC taxi car services.

Limousine Taxi

Limousine is considered a top chart taxi service for royals — usually booked for parties, business meetings, and weddings —  to exhibit yourself as a royal. Limousine taxi service comes up with highly well-versed chauffeurs that will be at your selected location on time, opening the car doors for you, helping you with your luggage, and treating you like the ROYALS of the state!

Shuttle Service

Shuttle service is generally based on small coaches, vans, and buses. It offers pick-up and drop-off services and is usually shared by several passengers. Shuttle service is among the cheapest taxis due to its shared taxi feature.